Monday, May 13, 2013

^ 50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy Promo Offer

The only way to know whether a trading strategy is viable is to test it over a very large number of trades in a large timeframe. No matter which strategy you use, the more trades (round turns), you complete, the more accurate the results will be. There is no accuracy whatever to a small number of trades - small number meaning 50 or a couple hundred.

It is very commonplace to see wildly different results between 10 trades, or 50 or 100. Or even between 100 or 400. The same strategy implemented over a 2 month period could show you a net loss of $5000 while over a 4 month period could show you a net gain of $5000. In fact you will never have a good idea of the validity of your strategy unless you do at least several hundred trades in a year timespan.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy to backtest your strategy. When you do this, you will find that no matter how "appealing" or "convincing" a simple system seems, it does not work over the long term. No...

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50 Pips A Day Forex StrategyStart making consistent profits in the forex marketComponentsSupport and ResistanceCandlesticksMoving AverageTimeframe - 4 hours chartSummaryThis is a very clear and simple to follow forex trading strategy to get you started achieving consistent profits day afte

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